An Organized Life: Tips for Staying Clutter-free in your New Home

Whether you want your home orderly enough to invite someone over on a whim, or your office organized enough to find the stapler when you need it – our top tips are designed to help you achieve a new level of organized life.

If you are preparing to move into your new American Life Home your chance to create perfectly organized spaces couldn’t be better. But even if you are living with years of clutter you don’t have to simply wish for less clutter and more order. Whether you are starting fresh in a new home or tackling your existing home, it may help to remember:

The Basic Principles of Storage

  1. Evaluate potential storage options. Make lists by room of storage problems and possible solutions.
  2. Assign specific uses to cupboards, closets, shelves, and drawers. Label them for a week or two until everyone gets used to the new locations.
  3. Prioritize storage by placing often-used items in the most convenient locations. Infrequently used items should be placed in less accessible spots (such as top shelves or in another room). For example, in a home office you may use the phone, the computer, and basic desk supplies everyday. These should be located in and around the work area first.Home-Storage-And-Organization
  4. Categorize your stuff. For instance, keep all holiday decorations together, all sports equipment in one corner, and all tools by the workbench.
  5. Plan family “spring cleaning” projects twice a year where you remove clutter, reorganize, and sell or donate unneeded and unused  items. Read our tips about yard sales for more help.
  6. Hide less attractive clutter in storage boxes, baskets or behind cupboard doors.
  7. Identify and label all storage boxes and bins.
  8. Anticipate future storage needs (for files, photographs, books, etc.) by leaving some empty space.


knife-organizationKitchen Storage Tip

Make sure that knives are completely dry before storing. Storing damp knives can damage the material.
• In a drawer, try a knife dock.
• On the wall, try a magnetic knife strip that is hung on the wall closet to your prep area.

food-storageA helpful trick for food storage:
• Avoid sets – instead opt for several of the same-sized containers.
• Nest or stack these containers together.
• If your containers have lids – you can easily stack them and store when not in use.


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