Q: Do I need a Real Estate Agent to buy a house?
Q: Does American Life Homes offer a Home Warranty?
Q: Should I “pre-qualify” or be “pre-approved” before I begin my home buying process?
Q: Why should I use a Preferred Lender?
Q: Why should I buy a new home, when pre-owned homes offer good value.
Q: With all the turmoil that I hear about in the housing market and the economy, should I buy now?
Q: Will you build a home on my lot?
Q: Pricing offered on some items in your Decorator Selection Center are higher than I can get the same item for at a home improvement store
Q: My schedule will require me to move out of my present location before my American Life Home is ready for occupancy. What should I do?
Q: Can I store my personal belongings in my American Life Home prior to closing of the sale?