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Q: Do I need a Real Estate Agent to buy a house?
A: You do not need a Real Estate Agent to buy an American Life Home. Your American Life Homes sales consultant is well informed about our neighborhoods, our home offerings, mortgage financing and all aspects of the home purchase process. Your sales consultant is anxious to assist you in all aspects of your home purchase. We do welcome Real Estate professionals and are happy to work with your Real Estate professional to satisfy your real estate needs. Your Real Estate Agent must accompany you on your first visit to an American Life Homes neighborhood, and register your client relationship at this first visit.

Q: Does American Life Homes offer a Home Warranty?

A: Yes, every American Life Homes is covered by a limited warranty of at least one year provided by American Life Homes, Additionally, the delivery systems in your American Life Home carry a two year warranty. The manufacturers warranty is provided to you at the time of sale on such items as appliances, fixtures, etc. All the previously mentioned  warranties as well as a Ten Year Structural Warranty are covered by StrucSure Warranty, a third party insurer.

Q: Should I “pre-qualify” or be “pre-approved” before I begin my home buying process?
A: Yes pre-qualifying or being pre-approved will inform you as to how much you can comfortably spend on your home. American Life Homes sales consultant can assist you with your pre-qualify or pre-approval process. American Life Homes can put you in contact with a Preferred Lender. Once your process is final American Life Homes sales consultant can help you determine which American Life Home is right for you and your family.

Q: Why should I use a Preferred Lender?
A: Preferred Lenders are familiar with American Life Homes, our procedures and provide quick and accurate answers. You will be fully informed throughout the entire process. Preferred Lenders can provide money saving options for you and American Life Homes, often saving you money. While you can use the lender of your choice, your chosen lender must be approved by American Life Homes. Our sales consultant can provide contact information for our preferred lenders.

Q: Why should I buy a new home, when pre-owned homes offer good value.
A: Your new American Life Home incorporates the newest, most efficient technology. You will not be required to make compromises in your new American Life Home. Your American Life Homes warranty will give you peace of mind and removes any unexpected expenses. Personalizing your home will provide you a home that fits your lifestyle. You will be the first to utilize the HVAC systems, appliances, etc. giving you that brand new feel and experience.

Q: With all the turmoil that I hear about in the housing market and the economy, should I buy now?
A: Predicting the best time to buy a home or when the market has bottomed is impossible. Home prices and mortgage rates are the lowest they have been in decades. When the market moves up, you could experience diminished housing choices, increased prices and higher mortgage financing cost.

Q: Will you build a home on my lot?
A: American Life Homes standards apply to our neighborhoods and homes. American Life Homes provides the best value when we build in our chosen neighborhoods. We have chosen to not build on lots outside of our neighborhoods and to not release our home plans for construction by others.

Q: Why is the pricing offered on some items in your Decorator Selection Center  higher than I  the same item at a home improvement store?
A: When you consider all that is included with your purchase from American Life Homes, the complete price is more than competitive. For instance:

  • Item installed at move in
  • In home warranty
  • Price included in your home mortgage
  • Professional design advice
  • Convenience

Q: My schedule will require me to move out of my present location before my American Life Home is ready for occupancy. What should I do?
A: Various storage options exist for your belongings, your moving company can provide long or short term storage options. Short term housing options, such as weekly motel rentals, short term home or apartment lease or rental may be available.

Q: Can I store my personal belongings in my American Life Home prior to closing of the sale?
A: Unfortunately, American Life Homes is not permitted to allow customers access to their contracted home, due to the provisions of our insurance coverage.

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