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Why an Energy Efficient Home Matters

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Save Money

Our EnergyWise® homes could cut your HVAC bills by more than 50% and save you $1000s each year!

Your HVAC energy usage is GUARANTEED!

Learn more



Peace of Mind

You will enjoy the quality construction of your EnergyWise® home and rest easy with the 10 Year HVAC Warrantyon parts and labor. The engineered comfort lasts for years and increases the overall resale value of your home. Learn more



Clean Air. Eliminate Allergies

EnergyWise® foam insulation contributes to clean, breathable indoor air. Dust, allergens and other pollutants that contribute to breathing problems and aggravate severe allergy symptoms are significantly reduced. Learn more

Air Quality can be improved by over 50%



Balanced Air Temperature

Room to room, your home stays comfortable all year long. Learn more



Noise Reduction

Spray foam fills gaps, leaks and cracks so the tightly filled spaces no longer conduct sound as easily. Minimize sound transfer from in and outside the home. Learn more


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When we conserve energy resources, our nation can enjoy cleaner air and a healthier environment, and we can help protect the climate by reducing greenhouse gases. Making your home energy efficient is the first step to being green. A key component in building energy efficient, green homes is in the engineering. At a minimum, American Life Homes builds all of our new homes up to and including the most current EnergyStar® standards, which can lower your energy consumption as much as 50% versus resale homes. In many neighborhoods, we offer as standard open cell spray foam insulated, fully encapsulated homes engineered by the (former NASA) engineers at Energywise®.

While EnergyWise® insulation is offered in all American Life Homes’ neighborhoods, homes with an EnergyStar® package also offer substantial energy savings over a standard resale home.

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In your search for the perfect home, we have no doubt you will view offerings from many builders. Some of these homes may appear to cost less than an American Life home, but as shown in the table below, you may end up paying more.

Let an American Life Homes Professional Sales Consultant show you how much you can save on your new home.

50% reduction in HVAC Costs. Pays for itself every month!

Calculations are based on a 2015 constructed 3400 square foot home financed for 30 years at 4% interest rate. Property tax is averaged at 2.68% and an average income tax rate of 28%.

EnergyWise®* ENERGYSTAR®* Resale
Sales Price
$375,000 $360,000 $335,000
Down Payment ($50,000) ($50,000) ($50,000)
PITI † $3,090.61 $2,966.99 $2,760.95
Est. HVAC Utilities $70 $173 $350
Income Tax Benefit
($609.22) ($584.85) ($544.23)
Monthly Cost
$2,551.39 $2,555.14 $2,566.71
* Click here for more information.
 View real-life examples of energy bills

† PITI represents Principal, Interest, (Property) Taxes, and Insurance

Please Note: Spray foam insulation and EnergyWise® Guaranteed Energy Savings Building Solutions may not be available in all communities. Availability is subject to change without notice or obligation. Contact your American Life Home Sales Consultant for current information.

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Check out our Video highlighting our Energy Efficiency


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peacesidebannerBuilding quality, energy-efficient homes, lowering our homeowners’ utility bills and helping to protect the environment have always been important to American Life Homes. Explore what makes buying your new home from American Life Homes the right choice.

Find out more about our quality construction.

Because EnergyWise® homes are so well insulated, only one HVAC unit is necessary compared to two in most standard homes AND you receive a full 10 year parts & labor†† warranty on all American Life Homes!

Should you decide to sell, rest assured that the resale value of your home increases by investing in a quality, energy efficient structure. Homes with spray foam insulation and our energy efficient features retain their value over time and this means you get more money when it comes time to sell.

††Warranty covers condenser, furnace and coil.

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cleansidebannerIf you suffer from allergies or other breathing ailments, an EnergyWise® home is the home for you! A fully encapsulated home keeps allergens out, prevents drafts, and limits the inflow (through your HVAC unit) to much smaller intake amounts – which can reduce allergens as much as 50-75%!

Dust mites are found in 97% of homes in America and require humidity levels of 55% or more to live and breed. They are found in pillows, carpeting, upholstery and bedding where their fecal matter is inhaled into the lower airway of your lungs.

EnergyWise® guarantees the humidity levels to remain below 50% creating an unsuitable environment for dust mites. Existing dust mites can be eliminated in as little as 4 weeks in an EnergyWise® home. Lower humidity levels will also significantly reduce mold and mildew growth, reducing the negative impact these odor and allergy causing spores produce.

If you’ve ever touched fiberglass insulation, you’ve likely experienced the itchy redness it causes when it comes in contact with your skin. Unpleasant is an understatement. Free-floating particles of fiberglass can make their way through the vents in your home, causing skin, eye, and respiratory irritation. EnergyWise® homes eliminate the possibility of fiberglass-related allergies!

Spray foam insulation is a better option in the homes of allergy sufferers for many reasons:

  • the material does not produce dust particles of any kind as found in fiberglass insulation. Shine a light in your attic and see what is floating around – all those floating particles are actually tiny needles of glass!
  • expanded, solid foam doesn’t collect pest remains, dust mites, rodent droppings, or any other debris found in other types of insulation as is common in paper associated insulation
  • spray foam insulation seals leaks other insulation cannot keeping dust mites, pests, pollen and other irritants on the outside making for an allergy-free haven inside
Download the EnergyWise® Brochure on Healthy Air

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comfortsidebannerEnergywise® homes enjoy a balanced, stable indoor temperature. Utilizing the latest Smart thermostat technologies, your home will learn what temperatures you prefer and keep all of your rooms comfortable year-round.

With just one HVAC unit, you will run your heating & cooling systems less often and still enjoy the remarkable comfort of stable home temperature.






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noise-sidebannerLower the noise level. Homes with Energywise® spray foam insulation enjoy the benefits of a quieter home. Spray foam fills gaps, leaks and cracks, the tightly filled spaces no longer conduct sound as easily.



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