Building your American Life Home

Building a home generally takes longer than buying an existing home, but you have greater control over the design and construction process. New homes are expressions of our needs, tastes, and priorities. Let us show you the latest building trends and how to fit these into your home or how to decide which features to put in your new home.


Consider Kitchen Workspace

Large floating islands are a popular feature for kitchens because of their versatility. American Life homes feature stunning kitchen islands where they serve as the workspace, extra storage, or an accessible spot to grab a quick meal.

What is Underfoot?

Oak Hand Scrape SaddleBriefly fading in popularity, wood is the flooring of choice in today’s new homes. American Life Homes offers a variety of hue or grain patterns, and you can expect your wood flooring to outlast you. We also have a fine selection of ceramic tile; consult with our Designer to select options that best suit your style.

A Room with a View

Homeowners concerned about containing their heating and cooling costs cannot afford to overlook the importance of  quality windows. American Life Homes designs all their homes with energy efficient, Low-E 366 UV Resistant glass and dual pane windows that block 95% of UV rays and reduce window heat gain by 64% compared to ordinary glass.

A Blissful Experience

American Life Homes uses fine name brands like Moen.

American Life Homes uses fine name brands like Moen.

Today’s bathrooms are luxurious and relaxing retreats with thoughtful combinations of beauty and  function. New designs separate the tub and shower spaces. Bathtubs are for soaking and showers feature multiple water-delivery devices – select your favorite from a variety of name brand options in our Design Center.

Specialty Spaces 

Making every inch count is a popular and efficient trend in new home design. American Life homes offer many practical options throughout the home include creating intimate pocket spaces from nooks and alcoves, putting transition spaces to work with built-ins, outfitting home offices (found in 25 percent of all new homes), and investing in main-level laundry rooms, mud rooms with  plenty of storage for supplies.

Outdoor Living

Outdoor rooms or living spaces are replacing traditional backyards. Homeowners want less lawn maintenance and a more efficient extension of their indoor living. American Life Homes offers floor plans with this in mind. Your outdoor space, just like the interior is an expression of your personal style.

No matter your style or preferences, American Life Homes has a new home plan for you. We take pride in delivering quality homes at a great value. But don’t just take our word for it, listen to what some happy home owners have to say.

Come find your new home today. Let us help you get started on your new kitchen, your new home and your new phase in life. View our model homes online or in person. View available new homes plans today!