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Designing your Master Suite

by JKSteele on November 19, 2019
Designing your Master Suite

American Life Homes has done the heavy lifting; creating a beautiful, functional master suite to serve as the foundation of your new bedroom. Now for the fun part – create a room that reflects your personality and provides an environment perfectly suited to you! We’ve put together some of the best tips and tricks for creating the perfect suite.

Take a Load Off

Whether it’s drinking a cup of coffee before starting the day, or relaxing with a good book in the evening -seating in the bedroom can make a room more cozy and inviting. Avoid cluttering your seating area by placing chairs away from closets and dressers.

Light it Up

When choosing the lighting for your bedroom, think of relaxation. Create unique, soothing ambiance by pairing task lighting such as sconces and lamps with your overhead lighting. Lighting that includes dimmers allows you greater control over the mood, and lets you adjust lighting for specific tasks such as reading in bed.

Keep it Simple

Resist the urge to fill your master suite with too much stuff. This might make it feel cluttered and disorganized – detracting from the relaxing and calming comfort zone your retreat should be. Even the number of pillows on the bed can detract from your peace of mind…if it’s a chore to remove them each night before bed – consider removing one or two.

We also encourage you to keep work-related items like desks out of the bedroom. You are likely to get distracted by paying bills and balancing the checkbook rather than relaxing.

The Head of it All

A headboard is the perfect place to add personality  style to your master suite. Use unexpected fabrics, like velvet or choose a material that suits you, like sisal, wood or patterned upholstery.

Tufted headboards can add instant glamour and pizazz. Think outside the box and create your own truly stunning focal piece.

To Match or not to Match

It’s tempting to select a matched set of bedding at the department store, but why play it safe? As long as you remain within the same color family or coordinate the colors, you should feel free to mix it up. Floral duvet? Try striped pillows and throws.

His and Hers

Dying for a pink bedroom? Tone your feminine side down and consider adding some masculine touches. Stripes in bolder coordinating colors, mixed patterns and textures. Consider different nightstands – put your girly style table on your side and a stronger, more manly one on his. Have fun and mix it up!

High Style

Add, fun, interesting style artwork to your walls with wall decals. Try bold, over-sized polka dots for a modern bedroom, or organic nature-inspired designs, like whimsical trees or flowers.

Hang multiple, uniform-sized picture frames, with simple artwork, side-by-side above your bed. This easy trick is a great way to fill a large space when you can’t afford big pieces of art. Create unique layouts with pictures – spread them out across the wall.

Color Basics

A simple rule to follow when choosing your bedroom’s color scheme, is by selecting three coordinating colors. Some popular combos include: red, yellow and orange; chocolate brown, blue and white; honey yellow, dark woods and white. Decorating your bedroom with one hue is perfectly acceptable, but vary the shades to create a calming environment. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns to add visual interest.

Be sure to consider the temperature of the colors you select for your bedroom. Warm colors feel more active and create a stimulating effect, while cool colors — blue green to blue violet, and most grays — tend to produce a calming and relaxing effect.

Sunny and cheery. A bright yellow in the bedroom may bring a smile to your face. Try off-setting the yellow with blue and white accents for a finished, clean look. If you’re considering painting a room yellow, choose wisely: a soft, warm yellow is more calming than a bright yellow. Think butter versus canary.

Organically Relaxing. Colors from nature are particularly soothing.  Try combining warm golds with grassy greens and earthy tans to evoke the calm of the outdoors.

Get the Blues. Blue can come in a variety of hues and is almost always calming and relaxing in a bedroom. View some stunning examples of shades of blue here.

Make it Yours

You don’t have to spend a lot to make your bedroom feel  the soothing retreat you want it to be. Good lighting, careful color selection and interesting patterns and textures. Our home design specialists will help you in selecting the color palettes that will set the stage for your future master suite when you purchase your new home.