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An Allergy-Free, American Life Home

by JKSteele on October 21, 2019
An Allergy-Free, American Life Home

Investing in an American Life Home just makes good sense.

Not only do we build homes that are beautiful, energy-efficient and made to last, but our homes have the added bonus of helping to reduce allergies. If you, like millions of Americans, suffer from allergies, you know how miserable the sneezing, itchy eyes, runny nose and other symptoms of allergies can be. Eighty percent of people with seasonal allergies complain about these symptoms as well as problems with sleeping, being tired, having poor concentration, and decreased productivity at school or work.

We create living environments that make it easier to breathe and enjoy life at home.

American Life Homes are built to reduce and in many cases, eliminate many of the top allergens like dust, pollen, mold, and even dust mites. From top to bottom our homes are engineered to reduce air leaks, humidity and other factors that contribute to allergies.

American Life Homes builds homes that reduce allergens and pollutants by 50% in comparison to other home builders.  Even more in comparison to standard resale homes.

Why is this important?

In addition to just making everyday life more enjoyable, an environmentally controlled home protects you from a variety of health risks. Seasonal and other indoor/outdoor allergies aren’t just annoying. Asthma and other respiratory illnesses are sometimes triggered by allergies which can be dangerous and even life-threatening.

Top Allergens & How we Safeguard your Health

Dust & Pollen. It’s everywhere; trees, grasses, weeds and flowers – all looking lovely while making you miserable. Our homes combat the indoor effects of these outdoor irritants by building the home with spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation is a better option in the homes of allergy sufferers for many reasons:

  • the material does not produce dust particles of any kind as found in fiberglass insulation. Shine a light in your attic and see what is floating around – all those floating particles are actually tiny needles of glass!
  • expanded, solid foam doesn’t collect pest remains, dust mites, rodent droppings, or any other debris found in other types of insulation as is common in paper associated insulation
  • spray foam insulation seals leaks other insulation cannot keeping dust mites, pests, pollen and other irritants on the outside making for an allergy-free haven inside

In addition to the tight seal of our spray foam insulation, we also install the advanced TAEXX pest control system from HomeTeam inside the walls of our homes as an added barrier against the intrusion of all types of pests and insects. Homes in select neighborhoods receive   one year of pest service for free.

Mold. Molds are microscopic plants that reproduce by sending tiny spores into the air. They thrive in areas that are warm, dark and moist and can lurk in your house year-round. Outdoor molds are another cause of allergies. They are common in soil, compost piles, and in the leaves that cover the ground during the fall.

If allergic, inhaling mold spores can trigger symptoms such as sneezing, itchy, watery eyes, runny nose, nasal congestion or itchy nose, mouth and lips. Avoiding exposure to the allergen is the best way to manage your symptoms. Of course, living in a mold-free environment makes avoidance entirely possible!

The spray foam insulation in your American Life Home, reduces overall humidity levels and maintains a stable, drier air quality. Keeping humidity levels in the home to lower than 60% is key to healthy, mold-free and breathable air. To help further reduce your risk of a mold-related allergy attack:

  • Keep bathrooms and kitchens dry. Wipe up water, remove damp clothing and towels.
  • Shower after being outdoors to remove mold spores from hair and skin.
  • Use a face mask when you are outside, on windy days (good for pollen sufferers too!)
  • Keep two (indoor/outdoor) door mats on heavily trafficked entries and clean and replace often

Dust mites. Small (hundreds can live in a single gram of dust), eight-legged creatures that belong to the same family as spiders, chiggers and ticks. Dust mites live well and multiply easily in warm, humid places. Favorite hideouts include carpets, upholstered furniture, bedding, clothes, and soft toys. It is estimated that 97% of households are infested with dust mites. Our American Life Homes, spray foam insulation from EnergyWise guarantees that your home humidity levels will remain below 50%. This creates an environment unsuitable to dust mites and can eliminate their population entirely.

Other ways to help prevent dust and dust mite related allergies?

  • Have your family & guests remove their shoes when they enter, reducing the spread of  allergens
  • Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. They are specially made to trap particles as tiny as 0.3 microns—which means they’ll be able to capture most allergens.
  • Blinds or shades trap fewer allergens than fabric window treatments, but if you insist on curtains, opt for the machine-washable kind, which are easier to keep dust-free.
  • If at all possible, reduce or replace carpeting with hardwood or other impervious flooring. Just about every allergen accumulates in carpet—dust, pollen, pet dander. Walking across carpet re-releases all of that into the air.

American Life Homes makes creating your own safe haven from allergies so easy. In addition to our spray foam insulation, our floorplans have many options for flooring, use state-of-the-art PEX plumbing and many communities frequently have design packages that include whole-house window blinds. Explore what American Life Homes has to offer. Your health deserves it!

Not all American Life Homes come with the EnergyWise® spray foam package. Be sure to speak with us for more information!


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