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Energy Efficient Living without Sacrificing Comfort

by JKSteele on May 11, 2019
Energy Efficient Living without Sacrificing Comfort

Stay cool and comfortable without breaking the bank

Texas is known for long, hot summers – staying cool is a priority. At American Life Homes we understand the value of building homes that let you live life comfortably and efficiently. Our new homes integrate the best building practices; incorporating superior Open Cell spray foam insulation, Low “E” dual pane windows, superior PEX plumbing and energy efficient appliances. An American Life home is guaranteed to save you money and contribute to your overall comfort.

What are the major benefits of homes insulated with spray foam?

There are many benefits of homes insulated with spray foam, not the least of which is lower overall energy bills. Some lesser known perks:

Air leakage

Fewer gaps and cracks means less air leakage –  allowing your heating and cooling systems to run less often. Spray foam helps keep outside air out, and inside air properly conditioned.

Relief for allergy suffering.

Spray foam insulation can help deter and prevent allergens and pollutants from entering a home. Properly insulated homes helps to control indoor air pollutants.

Deter pests!

Spray foam insulation helps to eliminate openings where pest might enter.

Noise Reduction.

Sound travels through the gaps and cracks between your walls and around your windows and doors.  Sealing gaps helps reduce outdoor and ambient noise.

Fire & Smoke Barrier.

Foam insulation can help to slow the spread of flames from one area to another by blocking the flow of oxygen.  The gaps around your pipes, electrical wires and outlets give oxygen a free pass from one room to another.  Fire needs oxygen to spread, so with foam insulation to slow the flow of oxygen, fires have less fuel to work with, giving you time to get to safety and call for help.

Check out this amazing testimonial of an American Life Home owner:


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