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Buying a Home – New vs. Pre-owned: Part One

by JKSteele on February 19, 2013

American Life homes in West Hightower Place in North Richland Hills now available











We admit to the possibility that we may be biased, but in this two part series on Home Buying, we explore the advantages of purchasing a new home versus a previously owned home.
Well-being and Security

American Life Homes builds homes and communities with your security and sense of well being in mind. The decision to buy an older home may come with the risk of deteriorating neighborhoods or transient communities. Homes in our neighborhoods tap in to the desire of home buyers to feel a sense of community with attractive streets-capes, common areas and landscape requirements – you are assured that your family will enjoy an immediate sense of belonging.

Knowing your home is covered for defects and structural issues are another way in which new home buyers enjoy peace of mind. Warranties on structural components, HVAC equipment and appliances mean less out of pocket expense for the homeowner. Buying a resale home, even if you have a home inspection done, may not uncover hidden defects that may end up costing you thousands.

Fire Safety

Because of improved building codes and improvements in the materials that go into a new home, your new American Life home includes fire-safety features that may not be included in older homes.

All new homes include hard-wired smoke detectors. These devices can provide better protection than battery-operated smoke detectors, which can fail when batteries grow old. Hard-wired smoke detectors run on the electricity of the house with battery backup units for when the home experiences power outages.

Fewer Repairs

Let’s face it, new homes just hold up better than older homes, which may have experienced years of wear and tear. Home buyers looking at previously owned homes may be facing repair costs due to unknown defects or unexpected issues, but they also tend to spend a lot of money on cosmetic improvement. Your new American Life home is all new. New appliances, new carpet and flooring, new everything. Even better – it is built with the beautiful features that you selected to make your home uniquely yours.

Improved Efficiency

Today’s building codes have mandated higher energy-efficiency and American Life Homes utilizes the very best in modern technology to build home that are super energy efficient. New homes use better insulation creating a tighter seal, and we don’t stop there. Gone are the days of the single pane window – we use high quality dual pane, “Low E” windows, energy efficient appliances and more. We’ll explore our energy efficiency in more detail next month. Stay tuned!

Come back next month when we uncover more reasons to buy a new home in Part Two. View our model homes online or in person. View available new homes plans today!



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