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American Life Homes builds new homes and townhomes. Constructed with a focus on detail, quality materials and craftsmanship, our new homes reflect high standards and your unique style.

The small core of professionals at ALH uses the finest, most accomplished industry professionals to design, develop and build our homes.  Adapting quickly to changing needs, our agile team incorporates trendsetting style, functionality and efficiency into every project.

Now pre-selling!

Reserve at Bear Creek is a beautiful 69 unit townhome community located in Grapevine, Texas. Close to shopping, dining & Grapevine’s highly sought after parks and bike trails the Reserve at Bear Creek provides a lifestyle unlike any other.


‘Relax, Breath, and Connect’ at your new home in the Reserve at Bear Creek.

Current Locations

570 Turner Warnell    Mansfield, Texas 76063

Large 1.25 acre lot with lots of trees, convenient to Hwy 287 within Mansfield ISD (see available plans)


​​NW Mansfield

1-acre lots west of Hwy 287 that will be priced from $450K to $650K.


Mansfield ETJ

1-acre lots south of 1187, west of Mansfield.

The Reserve at Meadowlands

Trail Creek Estates – Justin, Texas

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